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The Power of Learner-Centered Reflection

Reflection is an essential tool in the learning process regardless of our age. Learning to be intentional about reflection helps us grow as learners and helps teachers develop better learning experiences. In this workshop, participants will explore the nature of reflection, why it should be included in the work we do, how to embed it and how to deepen the reflections students share. Participants will explore their own reflective practices and determine how best to roll the practice out in their classrooms.

Expanding Learner Ownership with Co-Created Success Criteria

Understanding the standards is the start, being able to interpret and understand what success criteria will look like through the lens of the standard is equally important. When students know the success criteria before they begin their learning, they are better able to accomplish the task with higher levels of mastery. In this workshop, participants will learn important ways to bring students into the assessment process. We will discuss ways to go over rubrics and have students develop what success looks like based on their understanding of the task, standards and shared criteria. Effective feedback and reflection can only happen when students understand the standards they are working on. Too often, we assume students know or understand the standards and work from a place of assumption. In this workshop, participants will learn how to help students understand, internalize and speak the language of standards, so they can better express what they know and can do. Participants will also explore activities that can be done in class to help students rewrite standards in language that makes sense to them.

Goal setting for targeted learning

Goal setting is at the heart of truly personalized learning. Since each student comes to the table with different strengths and challenges, we can’t teach the whole class, the same thing all of the time. If we teach students to set specific goals, teachers are better able to provide exceptional, personalized feedback on learning. In this workshop, participants will deepen their methodology for teaching goal setting and then explore how to help students track progress for their own goals. We will also discuss data collection methods for intentional grouping and more targeted instruction.

Leveraging Standards-Based Reflection for Targeted Feedback

Now that students know how to reflect against standards, teachers need to use these reflections as a means to providing excellent, specific feedback. In this workshop, participants will review student reflections to be able to determine what kinds of feedback to provide and what strategies to suggest. Participants will also explore how to build on student goals and collect data for more focused instruction.

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